Technical courses:

Note! The content of recent and relevant courses have been written/translated into English. Other elderly, less-relevant and specific Danish courses are described in Danish

Name Provider Content Duration/time
SAP Cloud Platform Essentials (Update Q2/2019)

    • What is SAP Cloud Platform – the essentials
    • Introducing SAP Cloud Platform
    • Building Your First Application
    • Understanding Applications on Cloud Foundry
    • Using the SAP HANA Service as a Datasource
    • Introducing SAP Web IDE
    • Building a Small UI5 Application (hertil)
17 lections + self-tests + 3 weekly assignments + final exam: 12.09.2018-11.10.2018
SAP Cloud Platform API Management

    • APIs as digital building blocks for developers to build modern apps as well as open integrations
    • Activating the SAP API Management service on an SAP Cloud Platform trial account
    • Use cases from business scenarios and demo examples from instructors
    • How to leverage the power of API management while building enterprise-grade consumer apps
    • Integrate data and processes across disparate data sources in real time
    • Manage and operate microservices
    • Efficiently monetize your APIs
17 lections + self-tests + 3 weekly assignments + final exam: 12.09.2018-11.10.2018
Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

    • The value proposition of an integrated Intelligent Enterprise suite
    • Best practices for integration
    • How to use the SAP Activate methodology in an integration project
    • Various types of APIs, how to consume them
    • How to read data from and write data to SAP S/4HANA Cloud
    • The key enablers of a successful integration lifecycle
  • Integration extensibility, security, and monitoring
16 lections + self-tests + 3 weekly assignments + final exam: 11.09.2018-10.10.2018
Extending SAP SuccessFactors with SAP Cloud Platform♥

    • Innovate in the HR Line of Business
    • UX and Integration for Extensions
    • Unique and Advanced Services
  • Extensibility Foundation for HR
21 lections+self-tests+ 4 weekly assignments + final exam: 25.10.2017-30.11.2017
SAP HANA Cloud Platform* Essentials (Repeat)

Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and how a developer can take advantage of the various services it provides 32 lections+self-tests+ 6 weekly assignments + final exam: 07.02.2017-29.03.2017
Application Integration Made Simple with SAP HANA Cloud Integration

  • The basic underlying concepts of SAP HCI
  • Hw to work with pre-packaged integration content, and how customers are currently using it.
  • A tutorial on how to use SAP HCI to solve integration problems.
  • How to model, run, and monitor integration scenarios.
  • The development of adapters for connecting to various systems
  • Roadmap session about SAP HCI’s future
15 lections+self-tests + 3 weekly assignments + final exam: 19.07.2016-17.08.2016
SAP BIT 450 + BIT460


SAP XI Proxy Development and SAP NetWeaver PI Mapping 4 Days: 18.06.2012-22.06.2012
SAP Netweaver Process Integration BIT100 Spring Consulting by/Bo Møller

Areas of use and properties of the different integration technologies with regard to closely and loosely linked Business Framework scenarios

    • Relationships between the integration technologies, XI/ ALE / BAPI, ALE / WF, ITS / Business Connector, Web Application Server
    • SAP business integration technologies: ALE, BAPI, EDI, Workflow
    • Basis communication technologies: IDoc, RFC, Connector
    • Security aspects in distributed environments
  • Case studies focusing on general integration aspects and SAP-specific integration aspects
3 Days: 17.08.2009-19.08.2009
XML in SAP Solutions BIT140 Applicon by/Jørgen Michelsen

Introduction to XML Technology

    • Overview of XML and XSL
    • XML in SAP Solutions
    • Principles of XML and XSL
    • Document Description Using XML
    • DTD and Schema
    • XSL as a Stylesheet Language
    • Using XSLT
    • Transformations with XSLT
    • XSLT in SAP Web AS
    • Principles of Web Services
    • Basic Principles of Web Services
  • Web Services in SAP
2 Days: 11.08.2009-12.08.2009
SAP J2SE Fundamentals JA100 Spring Consulting by/Thomas Mouritsen

Development tools in the Java 2 Software Development Kit

    • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
    • Java data types
    • Operators, expressions and statements
    • Object-oriented programming with Java
    • Inheritance and interfaces
    • Exception handling
    • Collection framework
    • SAP Java Connector and SAP Enterprise Connector
  • Overview of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
5 Days: 08.12.2008-12.12.2008
SAP XI Workshop WDKXI1 SAP Denmark by/Shirley Van Straaten

Architecture and Components of SAP Exchange Infrastructure

    • Configuration and runtime behaviour of synchronous and asynchronous scenarios
    • Connecting back-end systems using proxies and adapters
    • Overview of mapping techniques, Java, XSLT, ABAP
    • Standard message mapping functions
    • User-defined functions
    • Complex mapping tasks
    • BPM overview
    • Process patterns
    • Exception handling
  • Monitoring and error processing
5 Days: 02.07.2007-06.07.2007
ABAP Web Services BC416 KMD by/SAP-consultant
Bo Vestergaard Kring

Overview (Introduction to WEB-services, ESA)

    • Fundamentals (Basics of RFC, BAPI’s, HTTP, XML, SOAP)
    • WEB-services for SAP Net Weaver WEB Application Server 6.40
  • Preview (SAP XI and WEB-services, E-Business Standards)
2 Days: 31.05.2007-01.06.2007
SAP XI Mapping BIT460 KMD by/Daniel Engsig-Karup Segmenta

Overview (XI Components and General Mapping Tasks)

    • Mapping Editor
    • Advanced Mapping Concepts (Queues and Context)
    • Advanced Functions (Value mapping, Multi-Mapping, Mapping Templates)
  • Other Mapping Types (ABAP, XSLT, Java, Combining)
2 Days: 29.05.2007-30.05.2007
SAP XI intro
( BIT 400)

KMD by/SAP-consultant
Bo Vestergaard Kring

Introduktion til SAP-XI

    • System Landscape Directory
    • Integration Repository
    • Integration Directory
  • Monitoring
3 Days: 27.03.2007
A Danish course about Demand-handling

Hvad er et krav?

    • Sammenhæng til andre discipliner: Disciplinerne kravspecificering og kravstyring placeres i KUP’s modelapparat.
    • Fastlæggelse af rammer
      Opstart af kravprocessen, interessentanalyse, udarbejdelse af kontekstdiagram.
    • Indsamling af krav
      Redskaber til indsamling af krav præsenteres, bl.a. interviews, prototyper, forretningsmodeller og use cases.
    • Dokumentation af krav
      Kravskabelonen, disposition for en kravspecifikation, værktøjer.
    • Funktionelle krav
      Hvad er et funktionelt krav, og hvordan identificeres det?
    • Ikke-funktionelle krav
      Gennemgang af alle typer af ikke-funktionelle krav, samt hvordan de identificeres.
    • Brugbare krav
      Kvalitetssikring og review af krav, udarbejdelse af testcases på baggrund af acceptkriterier m.m.
  • Kravstyring
    Kort gennemgang af elementerne for en succesfuld styring af kravændringer.
2 Days: 07.06.-08.06.2006
SAP ICWC intro
KMD / ManApp Consulting

Introduction to SAP Interaction Center WebClient. Extract from the course CR410

1 Day: 10.03.2006
SAP ABAP Objects (BC401) SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD

ABAP Objects:

    • Introduction to Object-Oriented (OO) Programming
    • OO Programming Model
      Analysis and Design with UML
    • Fundamental OO Syntax Elements
    • OO Concepts and Programming Techniques
    • Inheritance and Casting
    • Interfaces and Casting
    • Events
    • OO Repository Objects
    • Global Classes and Interfaces
    • Special OO Programming Techniques
    • Persistent Objects in ABAP Objects for SAP WEB Application Server 6.20
    • OO Exception Handling and Dynamic Programming
    • Exception Handling in ABAP Objects for the SAP WEB Application Server 6.20
  • Dynamic Programming with ABAP Objects for the SAP Web Application Server 6.20
5 Days:
SAP CRM Case Management with focus on Public Sector (RAIPS1) for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD

SAP CRM 4.0 Case Management with focus on Public Sector:

    • Business Process & SAP Solution
    • Use Scenarios and Demo: Child Support Case
    • Key Features of mySAP CRM
    • Working with IC WebClient
    • Working with PCC (People-centric CRM)
    • Customizing of CRM Case Management
    • Special Customizing for IC WebClient
  • Summary & Outlook (New Floorplan for PCC applications, Partner functions, Actions, Creation of Service Order)
2 Days:
SAP-CRM Base Customizing (CR-100) for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD

SAP CRM 4.0. Walk-through of all modules and system-elements incl. several hands-on excercises:

    • Overview of CRM Server Technology and User Interfaces
    • Business Partner
    • Organizational Management
    • Territory Management
    • Product Master
    • Transactional Processing
    • Activity Management
    • Partner Processing
    • Pricing
    • Actions
    • Billing
    • CRM Middleware
    • SAP Solution Manager
  • People-Centric CRM
4 Days: 09.05.-12.05.2005
mySAP-CRM Solution Overview (Release 4.0) for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD

Intro to SAP CRM 4.0. Overall introduction to all modules and elements in mySAP CRM:

    • Introduction
    • Foundation & Architecture
    • Analytics
    • CRM Marketing
    • CRM E-Commerce
    • Channel Management
    • CRM Sales
    • Interaction Center
    • Service
    • Field Aplications
    • For Industries
  • Implamentation & Operation 
2 Days: 03.05-04.05.2005
SAP Solution Manager: Implementation Tools in Detail (SMI210 & SMI310) for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD
    • Implementation Overview
    • Project Preparation Phase
    • Business Blueprint Phase
    • Realization Phase
    • Final Preparation Phase
    • Go-Live and Support
    • Introduction to Solution Manager
    • Overview of Solution Manager
    • Implementation Tools in Detail
    • Use in Operations
    • Installation Overview
  • Additional Information
2 Days: 07.03.-08.03.2005
Intro to the ASAP-method and SAP Solution Manager KMD SAP Costumer Competence Center

Intro to the ASAP-method:

    • Content
    • Toolset
    • Roadmaps
  • Expert tips

Intro to Solution Manager:

    • Project Preparation
    • Bussiness Blueprint
    • Realization
    • Final Preparation
  • Go Live & Support
1 Day: 20.01.2005
Intro til OO analyse og design med UML
(A danish course with intro to OO analysis and design with UML)

Introduktion til OO.

    • Udviklingsmodeller.
  • Arkitektur.

Samspil mellem bruger og system.

    • Use cases.
    • Aktører.
    • Hændelser.
  • Aktivitetsdiagrammer.


    • Klassediagrammer.
    • Tilstandsdiagrammer.
    • Komponenter.
    • Operationer.
    • Attributter.
  • Sekvensdiagrammer.
1 Day: 20.09.2004
ABAP Developement in SAP-HR for KMD
(A Danish course with custom-adaption of SAP cource-material)
KMD SAP Costumer Competence Center
    • Kort generel introduktion til HR (menuer, transaktioner, funktioner m.v.)
    • DB-koncept (opbygning, selectionsbillede, rapportklasser)
    • Programmering indenfor HR-PA
    • Den logiske database PNP (selectionsbillede, rapportklasser)
    • Læs af personalestamdata (PERNR, INFOTYPES, GET, PROVIDE)
    • Mulighed for at kombinere infotyper i en PROVIDE (JOIN, PROTECTION)
    • Anvendelse af TRMAC-makro’er
    • Læs af infotyper uden logisk DB
    • Specielle tidsafhængige infotyper
    • Programmering indenfor HR-PD
    • Den logiske DB PCH (selektionsbillede, evalueringsrute m.m.)
    • Læs af PD-objekter (SELECT, med – og uden struktur)
    • Fysiske DB’er indenfor HR-PA (cluster DB’er)
    • SAP’s rapporttræ
    • Nyttige funktionsmoduler indenfor PA og PD
  • Oprettelse af egne infotyper
2 Days: 18.02.-19.02.2004
SAP-udvikling: Programmering i ABAP Udvidet for KMD
(A Danish course with custom-adaption of SAP cource-material)
SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD
    • Logiske databaser
    • Lister
    • Programafvikling i baggrunden
    • Interaktive rapporter
    • Læsning / Ændring af lister
    • Vinduer
    • Specielle teknikker
    • Link komponenter
    • Funktionsudvidelse
    • Tabeludvidelse
    • Programudvidelse
    • Menuexit
    • Feltexit
    • Dynproexit
    • Tekstudvidelse
    • Introduktion til dialogprogrammering
    • Ekstra teknikker i Screen Painter og Menu Painter
    • Dynamiske skærmændringer
    • Asynkron opdatering
    • Table Control
    • Sammenkædning af programkomponenter
    • Nummertildeling
    • Oprettelse af Ændringskomponenter
    • ALV-grid
  • Det nye SAP – en tur gennem Netweaver
3 times 2 Days: 03.-04.12.2003
SAP-udvikling: Programmering i ABAP – Grundkursus for KMD (Application Development in the ABAP Development Workbench) SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD
    • Oversigt over systemkomp. i SAP
    • ABAP Development Workbench
    • ABAP Editoren
    • ABAP Dictionary
    • Repository Information System
    • ABAP data og statements
    • ABAP debugging
    • Interne tabeller
    • Extract dataset
    • ABAP open SQL
    • Modularization
    • Authorisationschecks
    • Selection screen
    • Runtime analyse
    • Relationer mellem tabeller
    • Teknisk opstning
  • Views
3 Days: 10.-12.11.2003
SAPHR mySAP Human Resources HR110 for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD Essentials of Payroll SAP R/3 Enterprise HR:

  • Introduction to Payroll
  • Entering Payroll Data
  • Organizing of Live Payroll Run
  • Payroll Process
  • Payroll Reports
  • Posting Payroll Results to Accounting
  • Bank Transfers
  • Process Model
  • Problem-solving Aids
2 Days: 16.-17.09.2003
SAPHR mySAP Human Resources HR100 for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD Basics of Personel Administration SAP R/3 Enterprise HR:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools
1 Day: 15.09.2003
SAPHR mySAP Human Resources for KMD SAP Danmark / TeamR3 / KMD Overview over mySAP Human Resources Solution:

  • HR Basics
  • Hiring an Employee
  • Education and Training
  • Remuneration Adjustment
  • Reporting
2 Days: 10.-11.09.2003
XML-trans- formations with XSLT Superusers XML-transformation to HTML, TXT and XML with XSL-stylesheets via, XSLT and Xpath. 2 Days: 07.-08.03.2002
XML-introduction Superusers XML, XML-parsers, SAX and XML-DOM besides intro to DTD, Schema, XSL, XSLT and Xpath. 2 Days: 04.-05.03.2002
Internet Serverside Workshop KMDTeknologisk Institut Client/Server conditional data, XLM and COM components, asyncron (background-) communikation, UserExperience- and  performance test. 2 Days: 20.-21.12.2000
Internet Serverside Design KMDTeknologisk Institut Architecture and design of maintenancefriendly scalable and good performing  WEB applications. Good structure of ASP pages, components (Cool:Gen, DB), XML/XSL transformations, test and security. 2 Days: 18.-19.12.2000
Internet Serverside Programming KMDTeknologisk Institut Walk-through off ASP: Design, conditional data, debugging, use of components, integration with databases (ADO) and development-tools. 3 Days: 04.-06.12.2000
WEB-development Workshop KMDTeknologisk Institut Use of HTML, CSS, DHTML, Java-script and connection to BOM/DOM. Besides: Usability in WEB-development. 3 Days: 30.10.-01.11.2000
Internet clientside Programming KMDTeknologisk Institut Stylesheets (CSS), documentObjektModel (DOM), XML/XSL, Extended HTML and DHTML, images, links tabells, frames, forms, Extended client scripting, BrowserObjektModel (BOM), events and eventshandlers. 3 Days: 25.-27.10.2000
Basic JavaScript KMDTeknologisk Institut Language: Basic syntax, datatypes, “literals”, expressions and operators, statements, functions. advanced operators and statements, reguar expressions (datavalidation).
Scripting: Introduction to clientside java-scripting in Visual Interdev.
Objects: Use of RegExp, Error, Date, String, array, Math. Eval, advanced operators and statements, regular expressions (validation)
2 Days: 23.-24.10.2000
Basic HTML KMDTeknologisk Institut The history of Internet and web-technologies, basic HTML markup, MS Visual Interdev HTML-editor 3 Days: 11.-13.10.2000
Internet handel
(A Danish course about Internet Trade in Denmark)
HK København Introduktion til Internet handel, orientering om principper og generelle arbejdsopgaver med administration og vedligeholdelse i en Internet-butik. 1 Day: 16.05.2000
Office 2000 for supportere
(A Danish course for MS Office 2000 DK supporters)
KMD / 4D- konsulenterne Microsoft Office 2000 Premium, d.v.s. Word, Excell, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook og Publisher med vægten lagt på nye faciliteter. 1 Day: 01.02.2000
Internetdevelopment with MS Visual InterDev KMD /DTI Visual Interdev, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DHTML, Internet-Performance, MS Transaction Server, COM-components etc. 4 Days: 23.-26.11.1999
Scripting and dynamic HTML DTI JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Cascading Style Sheets – Positioning (CSS-P), crossplatform DHTML. 2 Days: 01.-02.02.1999
Frontpage Advanced KMD / 4D- konsulenterne WEB-settings/permissions/options, Channels, FP-administrator, Frames, FP-components, Active elements, Database-connection, Cascading Style Sheets 2 Days: 20.-21.10.1998

There is an important note to this course, because it was not completely successfull. On Day 2 for 4D-konsulenterne: database-connection never succeded. Tonny then said to the KMD Course-administration: “I can do better than that!” – “Tops!” they said, and ever since then Tonny was the internal courseinstructor for the same course with success. It went on for approximately 3 years (with 2-5 courses per year), until Frontpage was phased out as the internal WEB-tool.

WWW Erfagruppemøde
(Danish exp.-group meeting)
DTI Besøg på danske Intranets og erfaudveksling 1 Day: 25.06.1998
KMD371-1 Kursus for WEB-side ansvarlige
(Danish course for internal WEB-site responsibles)
KMD KMD-Info, Retningslinier for design af WEB-sider, Brugervenlige WEB-systemer, Oragnisation af WEB-sider, æstetik og farver m.v., WEB-Office-ajour 2 Days: 08.-09.12.1997
Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Microsoft / 4D- konsulenterne Administration of Windows NT 4.0 3 Days: 26.-28.11.1997
WWW administration with MS FrontPage DTI Development and administration of WEB-sites with  MS Frontpage (97) 1 Day: 22.01.1997
KMD670-1 Composer/ COOL:Gen: Overview KMD Introduction to the Case- and codegeneratiotool: Composer / COOL:Gen: 2 Days: 22.-23.09.1997
KMD524-1 Helpsystems to Windows applications KMD Helptypes and tools to development of Windows help-files using ForeHelp 2 Days: 07.-08.10.1996
KMD390-4A Windows 95 for superusers / local IT-managers KMD / 4D- konsulenterne Microsoft Windows 95 Basic and Microsoft Office 95 integration 1 Day: 03.09.1996
KMD380-2B 95 Basic Access KMD / 4D- konsulenterne Introduction to Microsoft Access 2.0 Database 1 Day: 28.09.1995
Videregende pc-support
(Danish course about pc-support)
Niveau / Per Gjerløv Opbygning af en pc, Intel processorer, pc-arkitektur, fejlfinding, konfiguration af en pc, memory management, systemstart, opbygning af en programfil, harddisk og disketter, datastrukturer på disk, diskkomprimering, printere, kommunikation, pc-operativsystemer, ergonomi 4 Days: 28.-31.08.1995
KMD285-5 Visual Basic introduktion
(Danish course with intro to Visual Basic)
KMD Design af VB-applikationer, brug af VB, Brug af Forms, Brug af Menuer, Sammenkædning af Forms, Labels, Text og knapper, Check Boxes og Option, List & Combo Boxes, Picture Boxes & Timers, Fil browsing og andre kontroller, VB Data Typer, VB kodning, Betinget logik og løkker, Hjælp i VB, Debugging, Udskrivning, Intro til Data kontrollen 2 Days: 23.-24.08.1995
KMD210-5 Systemudviklings- workshop KMD Kvalitetsstyring for systemudviklere (ISO9001) 2 dage: 29.-30.11.1993
KMD244-1 Driftseffektivitet og applikations- udvikling KMD Orientering om central drift og systemer til automatisering og effektivisering heraf, samt snitflader til applikationsudvikling 3 dage: 24.-26.03.1993
KMD210-4 Systemudviklings-
KMD Fremtidens edb-arbejdsplads, papirløs administration, Client/server, Objekt- orienteret analyse, dataintegration 2 dage: 26.-27.11.1992
KMD245 Dialogdesign KMD Skærmbilleddesign, Objekt-/funktionsorienteret, hjælp, dialogstyring, fremtiden, kvalitetsstyring 3 dage: Marts 1992
KMD254-1 CASE, Introduktion til ADW KMD Introduktion til Case systemudviklings-værktøjet ADW. 1 dag: 31.08.1992
Objekt-orienteret systemudvikling Datacentralen / Teknologisk De centrale objektbegreber, objektorienterede analyse og desgin metode OASE, find objekter og aktioner, objektmodellen, aktions- og referencediagrammer, procesforløb, systemafgrænsning, design, implementering af design, objektorienterede sprog 3 dage: 09.-11.04.1991
Objekt-orienteret analyse Metodica Introduktion til og anvendelse af objektorienteret analyse 3 dage: 10.-12.06.1991
Ventura 2.0 Videregående DTECH Avanceret anvendelse af   DeskTopPublishing værktøjet Ventura Publisher 2.0 2 dage: 07.-08.08.1990
Ventura 2.0 Introduktion DTECH Introduktion til DeskTopPublishing værktøjet Ventura Publisher 2.0 3 dage: 02.-04.07.1990
IM-kursus for konstruktører KMD Informationsmodellering (ER-modellen) 1 dag: 17.05.1989
EA05 Systemanalyse IBM Entitets-model, relationer, normalisering til tredie normalform, data-model, data-anvendelsesanalyse 5 dage: 03.-07.10.1988
EA14 Data Analyse / Data Model IBM Model-metode-teknik, struktureret analyse, dataflow-diagrammer, procesbeskrivelser, datadictionary, faktaindsamling, systemudviklingsstrategi, prototyping, præsentationsteknik, økonomisk systemvurdering, præsentation af kravsspecifikation for ledelsen 4 dage: 16.-19.05.1988
UC22 DB2-kursus KMD Introduktion til IBM DB2-database 1 dag: 14.11.1988
SDF II KMD Design af skærmbilleder med værktøjet: SDF II 1 dag: 21.04.1988
EA04 System- konstruktion IBM Model-metode-teknik, dialogdesign, dataanalyse, struktureret design, systemforslag, præsentationsteknik, data og sikkerhed 5 dage: 14.-18.12.1987
Brugervenlige systemer Datacentralen Den kognitive ergonomi-historie, grafik, skærmbilleder, standarder, sprogbrug, dialog-typer, systemudvikling 3 dage: 07.-09.12.1987
Easytrieve grundlæggende Datacentralen Anvendelse af rapportgenereringsværktøjet: Easytrieve 2 dage: 26.-27.10.1987
KON34 Test Workshop KMD Anvendelse af test- og implementeringsstrategier og metoder 4 dage: 25.-28.11.1986
KON33 Struktureret Design KMD DataFlowdiagrammer, moduldiagrammer, koblinger og bindinger i moduler, transformationsorienteret design, transaktionsorienteret design, dataskjul, implementering 5 dage: 03.-07.03.1986
Kursus i Rank Xerox laserprinter Rank Xerox Design af blanketter v.h.a. HFDL (Host Form Description Language) 5 dage: 24.-28.02.1986
KON32 Struktureret Programmering KMD Idegrundlag, problemløsning, pseudokode, teststrategier, programudformning, PL/1 basisstrukturer, logisk algebra 4 dage: 25.-28.11.1985
KON01 Structurered Analysis KMD / Niveau Using Yordon’s Modern Structured Analysis (Conducted in English) 5 Days: 04.-08.11.1985
KON02 Workshop systemtest, brugertest KMD Planlægning og afholdelse af systemtest og brugertest 4 dage: 16.-19.10.1984
KON31 Konstruktions- arbejdet KMD Funktionsnedbrydning, Struktureret gennemgang, Projektarbejdet 3 dage: 28.-30.09.1983

Personal developing courses (primarily in Danish):

Name Provider Content Duration/time
Advanced English KMD / Dals & Dals Sprogskoler Brush-up and training in advanced english 10 Days of 2 hours: spring-autumn 2008
UKC10 Prsentations- teknik KMD / AKTI Præsentationsteknik: Planlægning, forelæsning, variation, motivation, spørgsmål og indvendinger, implementering 3 dage: 16.-18.03.1988
LUT 46 Personlig gennemslagskraft KMD /
Institutet for lederskab og lnsomhed
Talerteknik og virkemidler for personlig gennemslagskraft 3 dage: 02.-04.02.1987
LUT47 Forhandlings- teknik KMD / AKTI Forhandlingstekniker, strategi og taktik, forberedelse,  kommunikation og forståelse, forhandlingens stadier, faktorer, problem og kompromis 2 dage: 02.-03.10.1985
LUT11 Transaktions- analyse KMD / Connector Indstillinger, hvem er du?, transaktionsanalyse, kropssprog, strokes, livsindstilling, energi, delegering 3 dage: 07.-09.01.1985
Taler- og mødeteknik KMD / AKTI Talerteknik og mødeteknik 4 dage: 07.-10.05.1984
Skriftlig fremstilling KMD / AKTI (Akademiet for kommunikation og taleteknisk
Tekniker og værktøjer ved skriftlig fremstilling 2 dage: 15.-16.05.1984
LUT35 Trning i gruppearbejde KMD Teori og praktisk træning i gruppearbejde 3 dage: 17.-19.08.1983

Firmarelaterede kurser:
(Internal KMD related courses – only in Danish)

Navn Arrangør Indhold Tidspunkt
KMD566 Teknologien i KMD lige nu KMD Produktudviklingsmodeller, Aktiv systemforvaltning, Releasekonceptet, Dokumenthåndtering og Workflow-management, Teknologisk grundlag for KMD’s løsninger, Projektorientering i KMD 1 dag: 23.10.1996
KMD565 Kunder og organisation i den nye verden KMD Kundernes vilkår, KMD’s vilkår og den kundeorienterede contra den produktionsorienterede virksomhed 1 dag: 09.10.1996
Informations-modellering KMD KMD / Niveau Anvendelse af informationsmodellering i KMD 5 dage: 18.-22.02.1991
PRO01 Principper for opgaveafvikling i KMD KMD Driftafvikling af opgaver i KMD, herunder værktøjer og principper (JCL, OPC m.fl.) 4 dage: 13.-16.02.1984
LUT43 Introduktion til Kommunedata KMD KMD’s produkter, markeder, medarbejderprofiler, økonomi, politikker og overenskomster 2 dage: 19.-20.09.1983