Personal information

Personal Status:

Married to Mona since 3. August 1996.

Proud father to Celine since 29. January 1998.

Born in Copenhagen 24. November 1957.


My interest for Information Technology and by that my job, is more a lifestyle than an interest/job. No matter how many millions I should win in lotto, I will still use a lot of time exploring Information Technology.

Languages are a great interest to me. Besides speaking English on a daily basis on my job,then I simply love being able to speak with people in foreign contries in their own language. That has lead to the fact, that I speak 6 languages: Danish (native), English (professional for decades), Swedish (my mother was half Swedish), German (5 years education in primary + business school), French (after 5 years education on evening classes, visits and personal French friends for + 20 years), Spanish (after 3 years education on evening classes, now on a touristic level).

Board  work/trusted tasks has always been a part of me. From sitting in the board of the staff-association, wine-club and sports-club, besides local unions steering-committe, chairman of the pc-club (for 2 decades), Accountant in the home owners’ Association, and to Chairman of the daughters Kindergarten and a board-member for 8 years in my daughters primary school.

Wine is a passion to me. Not that I drink it every day. But the fact that my personal French friends live in Chablis in Burgundy, and are out of a wine-family, has for sure enforced my passion, my knowledge and sense for quality. My daughter is actually named after a wine-farmers daughter in Chablis. I have visited several wine-districts, wineyards and wine-producers in primarily France, but also Germany and Spain.

My family and my house. We live in a house first row to a lake with a perfect view over the lake. It was the house of our dreams for a decade, and one day it was for sale. The view from our house is shown on the top of this web.  We enjoy the view all around the year. It is also a good background for my pc-screen, when working from home.